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Every coach at Carolina Flipz Cheerleading shares the same vision-to help your child grow as both an athlete and a person. We build technical skills, endurance and consistency, but we also promote hard work, accountability, teamwork and leadership.

Our staff understands the important role we play in your child's development, and we always provide positive encouragement and support. We work to instill strong values while we coach

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Help your child develop physical fitness, mechanical skills and confidence with competitive cheerleading. At Carolina Flipz Cheerleading, we offer year round & half season All-Star Competitive Cheer that will teach young athletes the skills they need to grow as cheerleaders. All skill levels are welcome and there are multiple levels for athletes ages 5-18.

We promote a positive and welcoming environment for every athlete in our All-Star Cheer program. We want our gym to be an inspirational place where your child will grow for years-both as an athlete and an EPIC human being. We work hard to encourage every young cheerleader to be the best they can be, every day.



This class is for all skill levels ages 4-16 and meets once a week in person at our gym. Each athlete will work on stunts, tumbling, and individual skills which makes this class a great way to prepare for school cheerleading tryouts, get ready for all star cheerleading, or simply just experience the fun of Carolina Flipz!

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Competitive & Recreational


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